Our approach to the curriculum is simple. We genuinely personalize the learning experience of our young people to meet their needs and match their aptitudes.

This will be an area which will continue to develop in years to come to respond to the needs of our students. If young people have the chance to fully develop, they are not only positioned to succeed in examinations but become life-long learners positioned to achieve in their future adult lives.

Top Star College International School offers a broad range of subjects at each key stage so that students/pupils aptitudes and interest are catered for, as well as their their social, spiritual, moral, cultural and academic development.

Students literacy skill are developing well as a result of the school’s sharp focus on, reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar and entrepreneurship, our ICT classes are impacted very well on the pupils.

Every students/pupils has their own particular talents, and it is important that these talents are identified, nurtured and developed.

When you visit us, I am confident you will encounter the genuine passion for success which exists in our school.